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 Brisbane Gun Club Rules

REMEMBER – Safety at our shooting complex is critical

All shooters must behave in a responsible manner, being sure to display safe firearms handling at all times. A visit to the club should be a pleasurable, safe experience every time.

    1. Every person must complete the Range Register, prior to actually shooting, on each day they use a firearm on the range.
    2. The Brisbane Gun Club is a Fauna and Flora reserve. Shooting at wildlife is prohibited.
    3. The use of eye and hearing protection is strongly encouraged at all times while shooting – eye protection MUST be worn while shooting Skeet or Sporting.
    4. Guns MUST be carried unloaded with the breach open at all times. Semi-automatic / pump-action guns must be carried with the muzzle pointed upwards. It is preferable to carry break-action guns with the muzzle pointing forward in order to avoid accidentally striking somebody with the barrels.
    5. Guns MUST be in the shooters’ possession at all times or otherwise safely secured.
    6. No more than two cartridges shall be loaded at any time in any firearm. An unlicensed participant may only shoot double barrel if they are a current member of either an ACTA, SSAA or FITASC organisation with a firearms application in process with prior approval granted by the range officer and the discipline captain informed.
    7. No gun should be closed except when the shooter is located as follows:
      • on the tracks / station, ready to shoot; or
      • at the pattern plate; or
      • at a designated area with the approval of the Range Officer.
    8. In the event of a misfire or gun malfunction, the shooter shall keep his / her gun pointed in the direction of the target area and call for the range officer / referee’s assistance.
    9. Immediately after shooting from any station the gun must be opened while still pointed in the direction of the target area – when shooting ‘Down the Line’ (DTL) and Olympic Trap, all cartridges MUST be removed from the gun when moving from lane 5 to lane 1.
    10. On the appearance of a red flag from the trap house all shooters MUST immediately open their guns and unload.
    11. Maximum shot size permitted on this range is No.6.
    12. Persons under the influence of alcohol are NOT PERMITTED TO SHOOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Alcohol may only be consumed within the licensed areas.
    13. People using the club must be dressed appropriately (ie neat casual). Covered footwear MUST be worn while shooting – thongs, singlets or camouflage outfits are not permitted.
    14. Any person considered to be in breach of any safety rule will be immediately suspended by the Committee, pending an investigation into their actions by the relevant body.
    15. Any person committing an unsafe or anti-social act shall be liable for suspension, disqualification or other action as determined by the Committee.

    Approved by the Committee on 23 October 2007 and updated on 4 December 2013.